Jamshedpur Cooperative Law College
  • About Us

    About Us

    Objective Core purpose of the college is to advance the legal profession knowledge and to develop a sense of moral and ethical value of the students to serve the society in the field of “Administration of Justice”. Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College, Jamshedpur is a premier institution and single constituent law college of Kolhan University. It… Read More

  • From the Desk of Prof. in Charge

    From the Desk of Prof. in Charge

    Legal education has a very crucial role to play in development of the law as a hermeneutical profession. Since it is an educational process which equips the future Lawyer, Judges, Administrators Councillors and Legal Scientist to fashion and refashion ways of peaceful ordered attainment of ideals of human governance on the one hand and democratic… Read More

  • Facilities


    College Library The law library is considered to be the laboratory of a lawyer. The college has a rich library containing thousands of text books, AIR., law journals etc. for meeting the needs of the students and teachers. In the field of legal education, a rich library is more a source of advancement of knowledge,… Read More

  • Faculty Members

    Faculty Members

    The college has a well-qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty that is committed to the cause of high-quality legal education. The faculty members are also attending the orientation / refreshed programmes organized by UGC to improve the quality of teaching. Apart from permanent faculty, college and students get enlightened by the wide experience and scholarly knowledge… Read More

  • Courses


    LL.B. 3 Years Degree Programme Syllabus Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College offers LL.B. 3 years Degree Programme. Structured over six semesters, students are awarded the LL.B. Degree after successfully completing all semesters. The LLB syllabus under the curriculum is designed in order to allow the intrinsic understanding and comprehension of the Indian legal system. Students are… Read More