Jamshedpur Cooperative Law College

About Us

About Us


Core purpose of the college is to advance the legal profession knowledge and to develop a sense of moral and ethical value of the students to serve the society in the field of “Administration of Justice”.

Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College, Jamshedpur is a premier institution and single constituent law college of Kolhan University. It is imparting legal education since 1970 as Faculty of Law of the Jamshedpur Co-operative College, by Notification no. RUR/6309 dated 01.11.2003. The Ranchi University granted separate entity as independent law college with blessing of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. S. S. Kuswaha, the efforts taken by then Principal of Jamshedpur Co-operative College, Dr. N. N. Thakur, Prof. in Charge of the faculty Prof. T. P. Mandal and Prof. B. N. Jha. After this, the Bar Council of India, New Delhi had granted affiliation for LL.B. three years course, accordingly the college started teaching the LL.B. course.

As per the instruction of Bar Council of India in order to uplift the standard of legal education, the college has adopted new syllabus, along with the Semester system in LL.B. course.

Education at the Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College is based on Case method and considering the Jurisprudential aspect of Law, in order to provide breadth and depth in legal education, the emphasis is on analytical and reasoning abilities, as well as on practical approaches.

As the college is situated in tribal area, the college shall endeavour not only to look at legal education as an instrument of social transformation and human well-being but also to raising the highest standard of legal education and professional behaviour.

The college is open to all and admission is purely on merit which shall be assessed only by the entrance test. The college offers the three years LL.B. course after graduation in any discipline. The college is taking initiative towards starting some Diploma programmes e.g. Human Rights, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Rights and LL.M. Programme.

General Information / Location

At present, the college is functioning within the building of Jamshedpur Co-operative College. The Ranchi University has been kind enough to allot 5 acres of land in the heart of Jamshedpur, Circuit House Area, within the campus of Jamshedpur Co-operative College. The construction of new building is complete. The college will be shifted with all activities to the new building shortly.

Jamshedpur in the first ISO-14001 city of the country, which one is nearer to the border of the state of Odisha and West Bengal. The college is situated at approaching distance from Tatanagar Railway Station (about 8 kms) 3 kms away from Bus Stand and 2 kms from airport.