Jamshedpur Cooperative Law College

From the Desk of Prof. in Charge

From the Prof-in-Charge

Legal education has a very crucial role to play in development of the law as a hermeneutical profession. Since it is an educational process which equips the future Lawyer, Judges, Administrators Councillors and Legal Scientist to fashion and refashion ways of peaceful ordered attainment of ideals of human governance on the one hand and democratic right on the other. Legal education ought to be a device for Human Resource. Development in Law in connected with the object of attaining social justice and democratic development.

We, under the able leader ship of our Hon’ble vice Chancellor have undertaken to provide an institutional platform i.e. Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College to the students of this steel city, where our students can develop new ideas of legal acumen along with proficiency in the laws substantive and procedural and the legal system while imbibing the essence of discipline, dignity, decency and decorum to become a competent, courageous and complete lawyer fearlessly discharging their social responsibility in defending the defenses.

As per the rule of Bar Council of India (BCI) a law graduate enrolled with Bar Council cannot practice and appear before court unless he qualifies the All Indian Bar Examination (AIBE) conducted by BCI, hence I would like to inform the students that the study of law should not be taken carelessly. Although I would like to assure that the college will endeavor to educate and train the students in such a manner that they never face any trouble in the legal field. The college is ready to take the responsibility to meet the challenges in today’s fast changing world.

The new building of the Law College has already been completed under the able direction of the C.C.D.C. Kolhan University, and with the blessing of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Salil Kumar Roy.

The college is contemplating to introduce LL.M. programme. Once the college gets approval of the above proposal the commencement of the above course will be notified in the local dailies with approved fee structure and syllabus.

I wish for your co-operation in achieving the above goal and I am confident that your creativity, zeal and perseverance will make the co-operative law college, and the Kolhan University proud. Let noble thoughts come to us from every side. Wish all of you a better and prosperous future.

– Dr. Jitendra Kumar